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Born in the village of Tepa, Ghana my father and I traveled to America for an opportunity to change our narrative. With English as my second language, I have spent my entire life trying to find belonging and understanding. I have failed many times but in return, found my voice and built the necessary discipline needed to embark on my ultimate voyage in pursuit of my purpose.


Currently living in New York City, I have been blessed with various hands on opportunities to cultivate my skills in filmmaking and storytelling and recognize the responsibility that I have to be a voice for people of diverse backgrounds. The art of storytelling holds an immense cultural significance in underrepresented communities - particularly communities of color.


Through my storytelling I aim to challenge perspectives and take every mind, body, and soul on a journey full of truth and exploration. I have much to learn but will never give up as I am a living testimony of the power of one man’s dream.

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